In Russia, where I was born, we are not used to celebrating Christmas - our Christmas is on the 7th (or 8th, I'm not even sure!) of January and only very religious people do celebrate it. But I really love how people celebrate this holiday in USA and Europe - it always feels so cozy, homy, wonderful, like world is full of miracles and anything can happen.


And this year I decided to do something special and created new product which is all about Christmas.


It's called A Very Merry Christmas and inside this product there is everything you need to create DIY Christmas cards, invitations, tags for presents, decoration for the dinner party, posters and so much more! One of the main features of the product is a massive collection of handdrawn Christmas lettering, which will make a perfect overlay for you holiday photos.

It took me a while to create all parts of this massive product, but it was all worth it. 

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Ok, so here is what is inside the final product:


  • 109 handwritten lettering phrases and quotes
  • 167 illustrations
  • 26 garlands
  • 4 frames with garlands
  • 16 print-ready Christmas cards
  • 9 pre-made abstract cards
  • Some bonus addons - frames, spots and lines


All illustrations-garlands-lettering and so on are saved both in vector format and in PNG with transparent background, so even people with no knowledge in graphic design would be able to create stunning cards.

How you can use them?


You can out lettering on top of your own photos & send to the loved ones. You can print them and decorate your room. You can mix & match elements (illustrations, garlands, lettering, pre-made cards) to create stunning Christmas cards. Or you can print out print-ready set and give it as a nice addition to the presents.


Here are some more ideas:

If you want to buy this product, here is the link (you can also click on any photo :). Is you need some custom-made lettering, please feel free to contact me.