A client asked me to create custom lettering quote «Always kiss me goodnight». It was meant to become a housewarming poster that will be hanging in the bedroom. Directions were the following: 8x10, word «always» should be written in all caps and there should be some swirls and squiggles added to the lettering.


We agreed that I will make two initial sketches (I usually make from 2 to 3 - it's the best numbers in my opinion - there is something to choose from yet you won't be lost in the endless opportunities).




Here is what I came up with:



There were almost no corrections from a client, the only thing I was asked to do is to combine «always» from one sketch from the other part of the quote from another one.


Client was happy with the result, revision was over and I moved to the digitizing stage. I was asked to preserve texture - that's something I really enjoy doing. In order to save this "handdrawn" quality a draw quote with ink pens on paper, scanned, cleaned it in Photoshop and converted it into vector artwork in illustrator.


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