Hi Guys! I'm super-pleased to present you my new font family - Scandinavian. It was inspired by folk art and national swedish, finnish and nordic ornaments.

Initially I planned to make Scandinavian uppercase-only font, but when I finished it and started to type I realized that it has much more potential. So I added lowercase and after that decided to add black version so it would be easy to mix & match two versions and create interesting designs.

Also I though about language support - it’s a pity that many cool fonts don’t have cyrillic support, so I decided to change that. I added cyrillic characters for all my fellow russian-speaking designers (and it will work for all other countries that use cyrillic characters too!)

As a final touch I decided to add some illustrations - they match folk theme very well. I created a separated font of illustrations so it would be easy to use (chart is included, so you know, what symbol you’ll get if you type say “A”).

Scandinavian is available in my shop on Creative Market, thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions! Likes and comments are very much appreciated!